Skill Building

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Presentation Skills

Does the fear of public speaking stop you in your tracks?  We can help!

We will teach you:

  • How to organize information and use story telling as a powerful tool to deliver a message with impact
  • Tips for getting past the negative feelings associated with speaking in front of a group
  • How to tailor your message for maximum influence
  • How to match body language with your message to avoid distracting gestures
  • Tips for using your voice as a tool that reinforces your message

Preparing with purpose allows you to make a fabulous, lasting impression. Together, we will increase your ability to influence others by polishing your public speaking skills.


Transition Coaching

Have you recently retired? Perhaps you are transitioning to be a full-time mom…or are ready to return to the workplace. When we tackle transitions in life, we navigate both physical and psychological changes. Let us help you reinvent yourself. Together we will navigate the path to a healthier, happier version of you!

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